Festival Connect

Join Festival Connect and streamline your festival.

Streamline your entry & festival management processes with one integrated system.

Festival Connect gathers entries, music, licensing and category information in one step, enabling dance schools to participate in multiple festivals without duplication of the entry process.

Festival Connect festivals become the most attractive and streamlined competitions within the dance community.

All profits go to the AED Charity.


Teachers have one portal where they keep the relevant information and uploaded music for each of their dances. To enter a festival they just select which of their dances they’d like to enter and then click to pay online.


Easy online payments for entries by card, Apple or Google Pay.


Festivals can view the total section times to help with scheduling. Once the schedule has been set the individual times of the sections of their dances can be shown in the teacher portal.


Individual views for helpers such as front desk, announcer and runners. Other views can be added completely bespoke if required.


Uploaded music can be played within the music view with one click. If reliable WIFI is a concern, then music can be downloaded beforehand.

AED Qualifiers

Marks can be input directly into the system so that dances automatically become eligible for entry into Regional Finals in the teacher portal. Teachers then select which of these dances they will be taking to Regionals and click to pay online.


Bespoke certificates are created. These can either be printed beforehand or uploaded to the teacher portal afterwards.

For Hire

We have hardware such as laptops and tablets avaible to rent.


Full instructions will be given to festivals with How To Guides as well as ongoing email support. Video Conference tutorial sessions can be arranged as well as text support during the festival.


Contact Jo Wagstaff for more information: