Nominated Festivals Terms Agreement


The purpose of this agreement document is to set out the standards of practice expected from all AED Nominated Festivals.

All AED Nominated Festivals should read, and agree to comply with, this Agreement incorporating the Code of Conduct to ensure that AED Nominated Festivals maintain the highest standards of practice in the provision of facilities to AED Competitors:

Establishment of Festivals

  1. It is recommended that AED Nominated Festivals should be associated with the British and International Federation of Festivals (BIFF). Festivals must be fully insured, either through the BIFF scheme or an equivalent scheme which has been registered with BIFF and AED.
  2. Nominated festivals must provide AED a copy of insurance document within AED Festival portal
  3. The geographical location of the Nominated Festival should be agreed in advance with AED.
  4. Nominated Festivals will have an agreed running date.
  5. Where a Nominated Festival wishes to change their running dates and / or geographical location they should refer to AED if they wish to retain their status as Nominated Festivals. AED will consider the impact on other Festivals in the area before granting permission.
  6. Nominated Festivals will be allocated by the Board to an appropriate Regional Final.

Working Practices

  1. Nominated Festivals should have procedures in place to protect vulnerable competitors, which will usually be based on the guidance issued by BIFF.
  2. Nominated Festivals should have appropriate health and safety procedures in place to protect competitors, adjudicators and volunteers.
  3. Nominated Festivals should have appropriate privacy procedures to maintain confidentiality.
  4. Nominated Festivals should choose language that is inclusive to everyone and respectful to all members of society.
  5. Nominated Festivals should remember that the way their festival is conducted will reflect on the wider Festival and AED communities and should treat everyone with fairness, equality, dignity and respect.
  6. Nominated Festivals should direct any concerns regarding AED’s objectives, procedures, support or supervision to the Chair.


  1. Nominated Festivals are expected to facilitate visits by Regional Directors or other AED representatives
  2. Venues chosen should provide an appropriate stage, with wings and backstage facilities
  3. Changing facilities should be available and should meet the needs of the Nominated Festival’s entry profile.
  4. Audience facilities should be appropriate to the size of the festival.


  1. Nominated Festivals should consider the AED syllabus as a basis when setting their own syllabus.
  2. The syllabus chosen by the Nominated Festival should enable easy transition to the AED finals.
  3. All timings should be capable of advancing to Regional Finals.
  4. Where a Nominated Festival’s syllabus differs in any respect from the AED syllabus it should be clearly signposted on the festival’s written syllabus, web site and entry forms and highlighted in their programme. Marking system
  5. Nominated Festivals should bear in mind that competitors will use their marks when entering AED Regional and National finals.
  6. When AED update their marking system Nominated Festivals should move over to the new system within 2 Festivals.
  7. Nominated Festivals should ensure that AED is informed of qualifying marks in a qualifying year in a timely fashion.


  1. In a qualifying year, Nominated Festivals must appoint an adjudicator member of All England Dance.
  2. Nominated Festivals are requested to ensure their details, including adjudicators appointed for both qualifying and non-qualifying years, are kept up to date on the AED on line portal.

AED Nominated Festivals are expected NOT to:

  1. Bring AED or the wider festival community into disrepute (including through the use of email, social media and other internet sites, engaging with media etc).
  2. Engage in or allow any activity that may cause physical or mental harm or distress to another person (such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, assault, bullying, or discrimination or harassment on the grounds of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or race).
  3. Provide a false or misleading statement, declaration, document, record or claim in respect of AED.

Where a Nominated Festival is found to be in breach of the standards outlined in these Terms and Code of Conduct this may result in the Nominated Festival’s status being terminated, upon agreement of a majority of the Board.

The Board will review the Terms and Code of Conduct for Nominated Festivals at biennial intervals. The Chair of Trustees and the Regional Directors Board are responsible for ensuring that this code of conduct is implemented effectively.